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Hagan-Stone Park


5920 Hagan-Stone Park Rd, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313

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Phone: (336) 641-2090

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Hagan Stone Park, nestled in Pleasant Garden just south of Greensboro, is an inviting natural haven that appeals to outdoor enthusiasts and families alike. Spanning over 400 acres, the park offers a diverse range of recreational activities within its lush landscape, including hiking trails, fishing ponds, and expansive picnic areas. Nature lovers can explore the tranquil beauty of the park, encountering diverse flora and fauna along its winding paths. Hagan Stone Park also features a disc golf course, an aquatic center,  playgrounds, and facilities for organized events, making it a versatile destination for both active recreation and peaceful retreats. With its serene ambiance and well-maintained facilities, Hagan Stone Park stands as a cherished escape, providing a perfect blend of outdoor adventure and relaxation for the local community and visitors alike.

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