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Fourteenth Annual Tour of Historic Homes & Gardens: Sunset Hills

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Preservation Greensboro’s Fourteenth Annual Tour of Historic Homes & Gardens will celebrate Sunset Hills in its centennial year by opening vintage homes throughout the neighborhood during May, National Historic Preservation Month.

Our event is Saturday, May 18 and Sunday May 19, 2024. Tour magazines with maps and house history will be available as part of the ticket price.

“One hundred years ago, the woodlands and old dairy farm on the far western edge of Greensboro were redeveloped as a neighborhood of wide boulevards with parks. mature trees, and both modest and grand houses.” says Benjamin Briggs, executive director of Preservation Greensboro. “The legacy of this neighborhood has been transformative for Greensboro, both in establishing the majestic approach of West Market Street to our center city from the west and in terms of the wealth of character-defining architecture and craftsmanship that sets Greensboro within a league of much larger cities.”

Sunset Hills was listed to the National Register of Historic Places in 2013 and today it remains the largest such district in Guilford County. The in-person tour will highlight the architecture and charms of this neighborhood by opening historic houses that are rarely accessible to the public. Watch this website and our social media outlets for more updates on our exciting Tour of Historic Homes & Gardens in Sunset Hills!

Check Preservation Greensboro’s Facebook page for event updates and ticket information.


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