butterfly jeans statue

Nicknames of Greensboro

Greensboro's rich history has lead the city to have many nicknames that reflect the city. Whatever you call Greensboro, it's the place to be.


Gate City

By 1890, Greensboro became a railroad transportation center, a gateway to the West and the South. Today you can get to and from Greensboro by planes, trains and automobiles.


Tournament Town

This comes from the many sports tournaments that the city hosts. Every year exciting tournaments take place all over the city.



Greensboro was a leader in textiles as early as 1828 when Henry Humphreys built North Carolina’s first steam-powered cotton mill. In 1895, Moses and Ceasar Cone selected Greensboro for their Southern Finishing and Warehouse Co., forerunner of Cone Mills. By 1920, Blue Bell was a successful maker of bib overalls. In 1935, attracted by the city’s railroad and airport, Burlington Industries moved its headquarters to Greensboro. Guilford Mills began operations in 1946. Today, statues of jeans are scattered throughout the town decorated in theme that reflect the town history from the airport to downtown Greensboro.



Shorten abbreviation of Greensboro. Don't be surprised to see GSO around town in different ways. DGSO is short for downtown Greensboro. #VisitGSO is a common hashtag the Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau uses to share exciting travel tips while in Greensboro.

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